UltraDefrag – Open Source Defragmenter

We all know that Windows NTFS and Windows FAT filesystems tend to fragment upon disk operations.

Both client and server operating systems suffer to this condition so the problem is: how to automatically control and block fragmentation growth?

I tested many defragmentation softwares, both free and proprietary but you know, nowadays we all tend to open source solutions.
Finally I found an awesome open source defragmenter: UltraDefrag, actually at 7.0 beta version.

UltraDefrag was originally written by Dmitri Arkhangelski, chief and head developer of the project.

The most useful feature of UltraDefrag is the boot-time defrag. While booting, Windows launches the pre-GUI command-line defragger. Script is customizable, this lets you configure which kind of files have to be processed.

Download UltraDefrag at http://ultradefrag.sourceforge.net.